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There is a land called Crete, in the midst of the wine-dark sea, a fair, fertile land, begirt with water; There dwell Achaeans, there great-hearted Éteo – Cretans, there Cydonians, and Dorians of waving plumes, and noble Pelasgians.
Homer, Odyssey XIX

Atelier of Design and Innovation

By using art and a design-focused, pioneering mindset, we have combined tradition with innovation, creativity with authenticity, and that is where our passion lies. With a human-centric approach at the core of all our work, we create ultra-premium, luxury products that hold the power to redefine and transform traditional markets around the world.
Where pride and devotion to sacred lands run deep; as deep as the roots of the primordial olive tree, blessing us with its fruit since the dawn of time. Olives that are harvested and milled with a sense of reverence, nourishing our bodies and feeding our souls. The warm, rich clay of the earth. The gnarled, ancient wood of the olive tree. Coming together to create a vessel worthy of holding that which is most precious. Liquid gold.

The purest, most genuine.

Exlusively crafted. Elegant and luxurious.